The fast and easy way to split a check with friends so you can focus on hanging out rather than doing the math.

The Challenge

Everyone loves to eat out with friends, but when the check comes, nobody wants to touch it. Sounds familiar? Why do we hate check splitting?

Everyone does the math separately but affects each other

  1. "OK, I'm putting down $20 as I had drinks."
  2. "I only had an appetizer so $10 for me."
  3. "Uh, so how much left? Adam and I are splitting the rest."

Even if there's one person in charge of the calculation, keeping track of who's paying what is difficult and each change affects the remaining amount. Not fun.

Current apps are still too complex

Let's take a picture of your receipt and hope it transcribes correctly. Type in everyone's name and drag each dish to whoever had it. Wait, other people have to install it on their phone too and wait for the result to sync? Arg, I don't care, someone let me know how much I should pay.

Introducing Splitzy

It works like this

1. Type in the check amount and tip will be calculated for you
2. Select the number of people sharing the check
3. Nudge a row to adjust the relative amount; the difference is split between other rows
4. Double tap to lock a row when price is set

Coming soon to AppStore